H&R Reloaded 2020 Lectures: André Denault and The Fastest Way to Diagnose RV Dysfunction! #FOAMed

Sorry to all for the delay, these last weeks have been busy!  But as promised we are sharing some of the highlights of H&R Reloaded’s lectures, and here is one that should raise a few eyebrows. Andre Denault is one of the few clinicians whose research is groundbreaking, highly clinical and pertinent. Definitely not the kind of research that is done just to show research is being done.

So here Andre brings us something totally new again: Femoral Vein Doppler, which he first presented at H&R Reloaded as The Fastest Way To Diagnose RV Dysfunction!

And here is the paper recently published: Denault Femoral Doppler CCE 2020

More info on our last conference and the link to the rest of the H&R Reloaded lectures can be found here: H&R Reloaded!