A VExUS Mini-Tutorial. #FOAMed, #POCUS

So a lot of people have been asking for a VExUS tutorial, and since our paper was just accepted, I figured it’s a pretty good time to do it! Thanks to Dr. Ian Ajmo of FrancoFoam fame who put on his Hollywood director’s hat and filmed it!

Here is the classification that has been validated:

I’m attaching our chapter on venous congestion below as well.



Of course, Andre Denault, William Beaubien Souligny, Rory Spiegel, Korbin Haycock and myself will be running VExUS workshops at H&R2020. There aren’t many spots left!

click here for the conference page!


Réa 2020. A #FrancoFoam Special. #FOAMed

So here is my grand rounds talk from today. It’ll be my FrancoFoam special on thinkingcriticalcare.

I go over a bit of resus history, what we can do now and a few things about what we might be doing tomorrow.

Here is the talk, and below will be the PDF of the slides.

Réa 2020 HMR Rounds

For the Francofoam community, be sure to check out francofoam.com for some great discussions, as well as their upcoming conference.

Et bien sur, H&R2020 est à la porte!!!


My Clinical Uses of Albumin – blending Habit, Physiology and some Woodcock! #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMim.

So in the last few weeks I seem to keep having similar discussions with colleagues, residents and nurses around the use of albumin. I figured might as well put it down in a 10 minutes of CC.

I would definitely recommend reading from fluidphysiology.org, Thomas Woodcock’s blog, filled with fluid goodness. If you’re not up to speed on the glycocalyx, it’s the best place to start.

I am referring here to 25% albumin – the only one we have in our shop.

Love to hear some thoughts, practices, etc.






Oh yes, of course, H&R2020 is around the corner. Should have CME news soon. Can’t announce it yet, legally, but I can say we’ve never organized an event that didn’t have CME!

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Fluid Philosophy & Physiology. #STOWEEM20 Lecture! #foamed #foamcc


So I love the UVM EM Update at Stowe. It’s a great little conference, run by my good friend and all around awesome guy Peter Weimersheimer (VTEMsono) ED Pocusologist, and his super team including Kyle DeWitt (@emergpharm), Meghan Groth (ENpharmgirl) and Mark Bisanzo (@mbisanzo). It’s a smooth running show with some really amazing speakers where I always learn a bunch. Had the chance to finally meet Sergey Motov (@painfreeED) and learn from an awesome opioid lecture. And it’s always great to hang with Josh (@PulmCrit) and listen to the pearls!

So here is my fluid talk. The Keynote pdf is just below. Hope there’s a useful tidbit or two in there!


PDF: STOWE20 Fluids

So thanks again to Peter and his crew! And the Stowe attendees, as we had mentioned, get to attend H&R2020 at the in-house rate! (Please choose the Special Members rate)





Job Posting in Miami. #icujob

Intensivist position available at the Miami Transplant Institute and the Jackson Memorial Hospital., Located in downtown Miami, Florida.

ECMO, VAD, General and complex Cardiothoracic Surgery and Heart / Lung transplant make up the majority of cases.

Unit has POCUS TEE/TTE. Full Time position includes 14 shifts per month mix of days and nights with equitable distribution and nice benefits and compensation package.

Board eligible within 2 years of training or Board certification in the USA required. CCUS boards is a plus, but not required.

For further information please contact  Jeff Scott 

jscott@jhsmiami .org


…and I vouch that Jeff is a good guy!