The Hospitalist & The Resuscitationist. Montreal, May 21-22. (R)Evolution. Don’t miss it. #Hresus20

We’re really excited for the third edition of H&R!

Last year was great, all thanks going to our awesome faculty, and this year, we’re planning on taking it yet to another level. We’ve added some new faculty members who’ll be bringing some interesting perspectives, and there will be a pervasive theme across the two days to really get everyone’s understanding and management of the oft-overlooked venous/right side of things. This is a clear evolution in clinical practice that, paired with POCUS, is really a game changer across a wide range of pathologies. Expect to leave from these two days with at least one extra notch on your belt.

So, some slight structural adjustments. The Hospitalist angle gets a pre-conference course, focusing on very practical, applied and critically important topics for the ward patients, including a POCUS workshop to get some hands-on work. Felipe Teran and his team will bring back Resuscitative TEE, and we will add a Resuscitationists’ Toolbox pre-conference in which to learn or practice certain key skills for the high-level resuscitationist, such as REBOA, the PA catheter, surgical airways and more. And yes, the Jiu-Jitsu workshop is back by popular demand!

The two main conference days will be packed full of interesting talks, both by traditional but exceptional academics, as well as many of the top notch #FOAMed educators. The tail end will have some awesome workshops for those who want to add to their skill set.

And, on a first-come, first-served basis, Early Bird Registrants will be able to book some one-on-one time with faculty for hands-on or discussion!!! More on this soon.

So here is the preliminary programme:

and in pdf:  H&R2020 Prelim Programme

All of this will be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, most probably Santa Cabrini Hospital, but full details to follow!

early bird registration starts October 25th until November 15th.

Follow the blog and bookmark this page, will add links to more in the next week, including the detailed program for the hospitalist course and registration links!

Also, if anyone has any topic or workshop requests, please leave them in the comments and they will be seriously considered!

The lineup so far… and more to come!




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