Emergency Late Breaker! Flipping the Vent: The APRV-TCAV(TM) Course, September 23rd, 2021, 1200-1500 EST.

While the last few months had quieted down, the last few weeks have seen a serious resurgence in COVID cases, particularly in the southern US and in south and southeast Asia. I cam across several really disturbing posts and tweets across medical SoMe about the lack of ECMO beds and cases of refractory hypoxia.

While TCAV(TM) will not save every COVID ARDS patient, in our experience it helps significantly, ideally from the get-go, but also in rescue after failure of traditional modes.

This is why we decided to add this date – sooner than planned – as it seems it may have clinical impact in the current pandemic.

I offered to share in a #FAOMed fashion the online portion of this course with anyone interested and currently struggling with COVID ARDS, but as a faculty we all feel that it is only a basic introduction, and that two other elements are ideally needed, the workshop (included in this course) and some case mentoring for the first few cases, which we are working on.

As in the previous two iterations of this course, we are strongly favouring teams, as the biggest practical hurdle is getting team buy-in, but will also accept individuals. For more information, testimonials and for the schedule please refer to the last course’s page: https://thinkingcriticalcare.com/2020/12/23/flipping-the-vent-the-aprv-tcav-course-the-first-iteration-february-26-2021-1300-2200/

Registration fee will be waived for physicians from low-resource settings, please explain this in the email to hospresusconference@gmail.com to obtain the registration link. Registration will be stretched to 30 participants in order to maintain a good level of interaction during the workshop.

To register: email hospresusconference@thinkingcriticalcare

See you there, stay safe!