Flipping the Vent: The APRV-TCAV Course – The First Iteration: February 26, 2021, 1300-2200.

You must unlearn everything you have learned…

So for me, the first wave (spring 2020 for Montreal) was the early proving grounds for APRV-TCAV in COVID-19 respiratory failure, and now in the second wave, we are fine-tuning the approach. For Rory Spiegel in Washington, the first wave blended smoothly into the second and he has accumulated a ton of COVID APRV TCAV experience. From our experience, steadily growing since last spring, this is the go-to mode for the vast majority of COVID-19 cases requiring mechanical ventilation.

Dr. Rory Spiegel, Critical Care & Emergency Medicine, Washington Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA.
Dr. Philippe Rola, Chief of Service, Intensive Care Unit, Santa Cabrini Hospital, Montreal, Canada.

At H&R Reloaded, Rory presented “Flipping the Vent,” essentially a conceptual intro to APRV-TCAV, and we ran a small group workshop, which we also did at Haney’s ResusX, which were really enjoyable, and it seems the participants really came away with a lot.

This course will consist of an afternoon and an evening session, each about 3h. The afternoon will be didactic, and the evening will be in-depth case discussions and will finish with an examination.

Registration: sorry…


The Waiting List: this course filled up in minutes. We have been overwhelmed with requests, and will be planning the recurrent course schedule of the next year in the next few days. We have chosen to favour group registration, as APRV-TCAV almost requires a team approach and buy-in. If you are interested in being on the waiting list for the next available spot(s), please email hospresusconference@gmail.com and let the team know!


Part One – APRV-TCAV Basics (1300-1630)

Part 1: Physiological Principles & Literature (60min)

Part 2: The Settings (30min)

Break (15min)

Sponsor symposium (30min)

Part 3: Managing Ventilation (60min)

Part Two – APRV-TCAV Workshop (1900-2200)

Part 1: Initial Setup (30min)

Part 2: Optimizing & Recruiting (45min)

Break (15min)

Part 3: Weaning & Troubleshooting (45min)

Part 4: Exam & Discussion (60min)

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