The Return of The Hospitalist & The Resuscitationist: Face2Face (masked faces!) for 2022!

So after much deliberation, we have decided and are excited to bring H&R back for 2022 – we had skipped 2021 to focus on some research papers and developing some courses (Flipping the Vent and The VExUS Course), but mostly because the virtual conferencing experience simply did not measure up to the live event. What makes boutique conferences like H&R so different (and awesome) is the similar mind-set of the faculty and the participants, the opportunity to interact and network, exchange and build. So much of what many of us have achieved in the last years was built on introductions, discussions and conceptual sparks that have led to publications, projects and most importantly, personal growth. Because at the heart of it, the H&R faculty – and I daresay the majority of the participants – is made up of individuals who are never satisfied with the status quo, and who are always looking to add to their knowledge and skills. It is incredibly stimulating to be surrounded by these people, and it is a growing family.

So due to the limitations and uncertainties of the very much active pandemic, there remain some question marks. One thing, however, that is without a doubt, is that we will put together some amazing content in a unique, hybrid format that will have everyone leave with a few more concepts and skills.

Where & When? Montreal, May 18th-21st, 2022, likely held at the Montreal Heart Institute Conference Center.

Here’s how it’s gonna go:

Pre- and Post- conference courses will include (1) Flipping the Vent – The TCAV Course, (2) The VExUS Course, (3) The Resuscitative TEE Workshop, and (4) POCUS for the Hospitalist.

H&R itself will be divided into an online didactic set of lectures (two days worth!) divided into topic tracks such as cardiac arrest, POCUS, advanced hemodynamics, critical care pearls, airway management, sepsis, mechanical ventilation as well as a number of hospitalist tracks, and two live F2F conference days. Live participants will be strongly encouraged to watch the online lectures prior to coming to the F2F conference, which will consist of workshops (60% of the day) and “Long Conversations” (40% of the day) with 2-3 faculty members discussing various topics with the participants. Essentially the F2F conference will be 100% interactive, as the long conversations are meant to address the topics that don’t lend themselves well to or require hands-on workshops (eg sepsis and complex hemodynamics). In a sense, this is letting the participants into what the most interesting part of past H&Rs has really been – the unscripted faculty behind-the-scenes discussions. I can say that for my part I always learned a tremendous amount in those moments, and always felt it would be fantastic to find a way to share these.


The idea is to maximize the discussion and the workshops, all of whom will be tailored to the different tracks (POCUS, hemodynamics, airway, etc…), so that the participants really get a chance to extract the pearls from the faculty in those two days. Essentially, participants will get double the conference, without having to free up 4 calendar days.


So here is where it makes me a bit sad to say that, unless COVID rapidly mutates into the common cold or flu by May, we will be forced to limit the live participants to 100, in order to maintain social distancing for the Long Conversations. The pre- and post- conferences will also have limited participants. Also, in case there is a major wave obliterating travel and hosting capabilities, registrants will only be asked to pay a portion of the total fee in case it must be downgraded to a virtual-only event, so as to avoid the hassle and cost of refunds (we still have nightmares of the 2020 cancellation!). If all goes well the remainder of the live registration cost will be required 4 weeks prior to the event. Same concept for Flipping the Vent and The VExUS Course, but the POCUS for Hospitalist and Resus TEE Workshop will be all or none for obvious reasons, fingers crossed.

So, more details to come in the next weeks, with the programme and the faculty, but this is what we have in mind, and we think it will be outstanding, so please wear masks, get your boosters (of course all faculty and participants will require proof of vaccination) and encourage everyone around you to do so in order to make this event and countless others happen!

UPDATE January 5th, 2022 – Program & Faculty

Really excited about the preliminary programme that is growing day by day. Participants will get to see familiar faces and amazing educators who have confirmed their presence such as grandmaster Andre Denault, Kylie Baker (@kyliebaker888) Korbin Haycock (@khaycock2), Rory Spiegel (@EMNerd), Peter Weimersheimer (@VTEMSONO), Felipe Teran (@FTeranMD), Lissa Ajjamada, Marco Garrone (@drmarcogarrone), Robert Chen (@ottawaheartrob), Scott Weingart (EMCrit himself!), Haney Mallemat (@criticalcarenow), Matt Siuba (@msiuba), Joe Nemeth, but also really excited to add some new faces like Katie Wiskar (@katiewiskar), Eduardo Argaiz (@ArgaizR), Neha Dangayach (@drdangayach), Abhilash Khoratala (@NephroP), Renee Dversdal (@DRsonosRD), Ashley Miller (@ICMteaching) and on top of it all, some critical care legends such as Glenn Hernandez (@AndromedaShock) and Sheldon Magder…and more to come, got my fingers crossed!


Philippe & The H&R Team