The Hospitalist & The Resuscitationist: A different kind of conference. #H&R2018


So this is really shaping up to be a pretty cool event, and we just wanted to share with prospective participants what we are designing!


The Programme

It is purposefully intimate (max 100 participants), and meant to encourage interaction and discussion between faculty and participants. Each talk is short and to the point, and followed by a mandatory discussion time. The final programme is coming soon…

Networking with The Faculty

There is dedicated mingle time where participants are encouraged to seek out the faculty who will have an “ask-me-anything” and a very, very approachable attitude. It’s a great opportunity to discuss clinical approaches with individuals who seek a tailored, non-recipe approach to medicine. This has been inspired by the Hangouts I’ve had with RLA fellows and their feedback, and seeing the positive impact sharing case discussion can have. The learning goes both ways.

And, the lineup is solid…



The Workshops

Designed to have participants leave with an added clinical skill, not just an idea of what can be done. Again, space is limited so register early.

For more, and for registration click here!

For any questions, or for sponsorship inquiries, please email!




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