A POCUS case with Dr. Kaud #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMus

Though better known as a Rheum Pro after his talk at H&R2018, internist Daniel Kaud is also a budding POCUSologist, and here he shares a recent case where, as the ICU consultant to the ER, his POCUS skills help early diagnosis and a re-assessment of therapy.

Here is the case:

…and here is the clip:

and further discussion:


I think this illustrates well the usefulness of POCUS, and even if in this particular case, volume overload was not immediately an issue, it may have been if ongoing fluid resuscitation had continued.

Kudos to Daniel for shifting his traditional IM-based assessment to a POCUS-IM one!






One thought on “A POCUS case with Dr. Kaud #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMus

  1. Korbin Haycock

    Nice catch. Clearly Takotsubo, and would have been an an unfortunate flailing in treatment without FOCUS exam. Well done and nice catch, Dr. Kaud!

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