COVID19 Ventilator Strategies, a #FOAMed Webinar.

So really glad to get some solid minds together here to discuss what is being done for ventilator approaches, and definitely looking forward to learning from everyone! Ventilating COVID19 patients isn’t easy and we need to make sure to minimize ventilator injury.

Some of the topics we plan to talk about:

  • ventilator modes, initial, rescue?
  • proning: right off the bat or as needed?
  • weaning: business as usual or a different approach?
  • tracheostomies: business as usual or delay?

Super excited to add Segun Olusanya (@iceman_ex) to the mix, (much thanks for staying up as it will be a middle of the night affair for him!) as well as newcomers – to the largely H&R crew – RebelEM‘s own Salim Rezaie (@srrezaie) as well as airway legend Rich Levitan (@airwaycam).

Register for the webinar here!

Please tweet questions for the webinar and follow @ross_prager for info!





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