H&R2020 Reloaded: The Virtual Experience!

So after a lot of discussion, we decided to do this, a blend of the original H&R2020 with the current COVID-19 experience, essentially a look to the next year of critical care management as far as one can figure.

This will take place July 29-30-31 from 1800-2200.

Though WebConferencing can’t quite match the atmosphere of a boutique conference like H&R, we are setting up a virtual Hangout Room so that participants can exchange with the different faculty members in an open session.


June 14 update:

We hope to have an update and open registration this week! The registration format will likely be two-tiered, a rate for trainees and allied medical professionals, and one for MDs.

If you are from a lower-income country, or are part of a relief work team, or require special consideration, please email hospresusconference@gmail.com to request a registration fee exemption. Please include relevant documentation, if applicable. We believe strongly in the importance of #FOAMed and will do our best to accomodate.

Hoping to see you there!

June 15th update:

CME Accreditation just in, 12 Cat 1 AMA!

Click here! Registration is open!

The H&R2020 Team

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