HR2022 Lectures: Casey & Neha on Neuro-Emergencies. #FOAMed

So I’m finally getting around to listening to the #HR2022 lectures I hadn’t had a chance to prior to the conference – it gets busy – that so many are raving about, and this was a really good one. This dynamic NeuroCrit duo hit on a lot of really important principles, including one of my favorite myths, that of neuroprognosticating based on an ICH score. It truly is disenheartening to see, in my experience, how few neurosurgeons either acknowledge or are aware of this, and, particularly in young patients, the self-fulfilling prophecy concept could be making us miss opportunities to save lives.

Anyway, I won’t steal their thunder, so have a listen!

I’ll be releasing select HR2022 lectures every few weeks, and for those interested amazing lectures and in CME, you can find the rest here:



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