Super excited for this. No issues with travel this year, the H&R family all keen on getting together again, the lineup is awesome, most of the OGs able to make it, lots of new additions, and the programme is looking really sweet. Am totally amped to have Katie Wiskar as the Chair of The Hospitalist as she’s putting together a great group with sharp lectures and super interesting workshops. With help from the usual suspects (Rory Spiegel, Andre Denault, Korbin Haycock) we are focusing on some core areas in acute and critical care – sepsis, arrest and respiratory failure are perennials, but this year we are also adding neurocrit as a core component, which I think is a bit underserved and certainly deserving of more.

A message from Katie Wiskar: I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of H&R 2023, and to finally get to experience the magic in person. Building on the energy and ethos that Philippe has curated in the Resuscitation side, I’m thrilled to bring a killer set of on-demand lectures and in-person content delivered by a top-notch, multi-disciplinary faculty. The program is full of hot topics, evidence-based medicine updates, and practical ward pearls. I can’t wait to learn from this group of incredible educators; and I hope to see you all there! 

When? September 27-30 with the core being 28-29 and the pre/post stuff on either side.

Where? Montreal – both at the Heart Institute (core days) and my shop, Santa Cabrini Hospital (pre/post courses).

CME? Of course, should be over 40 credits, watch this space in the next weeks.

What? So you get a bunch (about 50) lectures to watch prior to the conference, then during the in-person part, you get some live lectures followed by group discussions around those topics, as well as hands-on workshops. You can hop between the Hospitalist and the Resuscitationist tracks depending on your interest or mood. Most importantly, there’s plenty of hallway time where you get to hunt down the universally open minded and available faculty members to pick their brains, share ideas, start collaborations and who knows what else you might come up with. This is gold. There’s going to be a buffet of workshops to pick and choose from that we are still putting together, from airway management to bedside procedures, ekg workshops, neuro exam workshop, wound dressing, and of course all kinds of POCUS.

Oh yeah, and the pre/post stuff is pretty fantastic. If you’ve been following acute care and POCUS, you’ve noticed the beginning of an ear where we will focus on fluid tolerance rather than responsiveness, and VExUS is a pretty important part of it. Learn from the originators and other pioneers of the score in this VExUS course with real patients and pathology. If you struggle with refractory hypoxia in acute lung injury, add APRV-TCAV to your armamentarium. Understand the mode, shake off the myths and learn knobology on a couple of ventilators with simulated lungs. You do trauma or medical resus? REBOA is growing in use. Familiarize yourself with the technique using the different available aortic occlusion catheters with the REBOA course. The Resuscitative TEE Course, run by none other than Felipe Teran is back again! If you’re not personalizing your CPR, here’s the place to learn!

The Hospitalist POCUS Course will be split in Basic (AM) and Advanced (PM) and the focus will be on all core skills required at the inpatient level. The faculty is absolutely top notch.

A newcomer this year is the Jr. Doc Procedure Course, aimed at trainees but truly good for anyone entering the hospital arena, regardless of age or training status. Go over and practice intubation and basic airway management, central and arterial line placement, thoracic and abdominal pigtail insertion and more!

And of course, the Introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop is always a blast. Last year, participants were treated to a short philosophical discussion on breathing with guru coach Firas Zahabi followed by a hands-on training session. In previous years we had reviewed basic concepts to stay safe in volatile situations. Always a lot of fun! We are fortunate to have some pretty seriously BJJ-skilled faculty members such as Ashley Miller and Rory Spiegel! Can’t wait!

Who? So the H&R family keeps growing!

On the H side, Katie has assembled an impressive lot that I am really looking forward to meeting and exchanging with, such as Gigi Liu, Michael Fralick, Elaine Kilabuk, Ria Dancel and more to be confirmed!

On the R side, we have many of the usual (awesome) suspects, Korbin Haycock, Rory Spiegel, Matt Siuba, Segun Olusanya, Felipe Teran, Jeff Scott.

Some young guns like Ben Daxon, Trina Augustin, Max Hockstein, Eduardo Argaiz, Vimal Bhardwaj, Frederick Verbrugge and Jay Chatterjee.

Some who joined us virtually last year but whom I am totally psyched about meeting some in person such as Katie Wiskar, Abhilash Koratala, Casey Albin, Neha Dangayach, Ashley Miller, Hatem Soliman, Mourad Senussi and Sara Crager.

Not to mention some icons of emergency and critical care like Scott Weingart, Ognen Gajic, Sheldon Magder, Andre Denault, Ashish Khanna, Jan Bakker and Glenn Hernandez who have contributed so much to the literature.

…and we keep adding talks and faculty! Bookmark this to keep up!

For the preliminary programme and more information,

Registration is open!

See you there!!!


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