COVID-19 – Respiratory Management: A Physiological Approach. #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #COVID19


So we’ve got a pretty good lineup of docs who have been taking care of COVID patients for the last few weeks assembled, including one who had pretty much seen it all from the Italian battlefront. We’ve got anaesthesia, critical care and emergency medicine representatives. As usual, we’ll be trying to bring highly physiological and practical approaches to managing the respiratory failure of this new disease we are all facing.

So this is #FOAMed, but I just found out that the max meeting size is 500. So I guess it is first come first served. Asking everyone who is not a panelist to stay muted please, those not adhering to this will be promptly booted out as it completely ruins audio quality. It should be recorded if the cloud doesn’t fail and will be available on this blog.

Questions can be sent on twitter to @ross_prager who will set us up, please use #thinkingcovid.

Join the Webinar here!


8pm EDT (GMT-4) Welcome panelists & intro

  • HFNC & NIV – do we dare use them? 
  • when do we intubate?
  • how do we ventilate? prone ventilation routine or rescue?
  • Adjuncts: suction, bronchoscopy
  • When do we wean?
  • Q&A if time allows.


Dr. Laura V. Duggan MD FRCPC (Anesthesiology and Pediatrics), Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Ottawa, Canada @drlauraduggan.

Dr. Marco Garrone, MD, ED doc from Mauriziano Ospedale, Torino, Italy. @drmarcogarrone.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD, ED-ICU, Maimonides Hospital, New York. @cameronks

Dr. Josh Farkas, ICU, University of Vermont, Creator, The Internet Book of Critical Care (IBCC), @pulmcrit.

Dr. Adam Thomas, ED doc & CC Fellow, University of British Columbia, co-author, The Internet Book of Critical Care, @adamdavidthomas.

Dr. Philippe Rola, ICU, Santa Cabrini Hospital, Montreal, Quebec. @thinkingcc

Dr. Segun Olusanya, Anaesthesia-ICU, Reading, England. @iceman_ex

Dr. Rory Spiegel, ED-CC doc, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC. @emnerd

Dr. Scott Weingart, ED-CC doc, Creator,, Stony Brook Hospital, New York. @emcrit

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