Re-Thinking the Early Intubation Paradigm of COVID-19: Time to Change Gears? #FOAMed#CO

So we wrote this up last week, but the (relatively) slow process of submission made us decide to just go ahead and release it as pure #FOAMed literature, because while highly relevant and somewhat controversial 10 days ago, it is now almost already accepted!  What an incredible (in all senses of the word) time we are in…

So here are our thoughts:


I think it is important to clarify that none of us are saying that ventilators should NOT be used. HFNC or NIV approaches will not avoid intubation and mechanical ventilation for all patients, only for some, and for those it doesn’t, mechanical ventilation is an absolute life-saver. For many laypeople and perhaps non-critical care or acute care physicians, this may have been lost in much of the social media discussion…

For anyone interested in the development of the CAB-RSS score, do get in touch, we are in the process of an inter-observer validity study and eventually will integrate in a decision making algorithm.