Bedside Ultrasound Picture Quiz 1 #FOAMed, #FOAMcc

A 70 year old man with cough and fever…what do you see?

Right costal coronal view


scroll down for an answer!






Rt CCV labelled


The ultrasound diagnosis is of a consolidation with a small pleural effusion.  This can be referred to a “hepatization” as the appearance becomes quite similar to an unaerated organ. A sonographic air bronchogram is seen as well. Clinical correlation with the history and bloodwork strongly suggests a pneumonia.

2 thoughts on “Bedside Ultrasound Picture Quiz 1 #FOAMed, #FOAMcc

  1. Consolidated lung at the right basis with a small pleural effusion. The red arrow indicate something similar to an air bronchogram (althoug not very clear in a still image). From a sonographic point of view (and also clinically) pneumonia is in the differential diagnosis.

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