A VExUS Mini-Tutorial. #FOAMed, #POCUS

So a lot of people have been asking for a VExUS tutorial, and since our paper was just accepted, I figured it’s a pretty good time to do it! Thanks to Dr. Ian Ajmo of FrancoFoam fame who put on his Hollywood director’s hat and filmed it!

Here is the classification that has been validated:

I’m attaching our chapter on venous congestion below as well.



Of course, Andre Denault, William Beaubien Souligny, Rory Spiegel, Korbin Haycock and myself will be running VExUS workshops at H&R2020. There aren’t many spots left!

click here for the conference page!


4 thoughts on “A VExUS Mini-Tutorial. #FOAMed, #POCUS

  1. Thank you for this! Is there anyway to see an early copy of the paper that you just had accepted? We have a big problem with iatrogenic fluid overload at our facility and was looking for the evidence of this method. I have tried this method out a couple of times and it has helped me prove that these patients were not suffering from “ARDS.”

    • Hi Brock, sorry to hear about your problems – I can’t share the paper yet unfortunately, but since this addresses splanchnic venous congestion it won’t give you a weapon against cultural habits, although following a physiologic approach including VExUS will diminish “ARDS” as well. My belief is that it is 90% or more an iatrogenic syndrome due to enthusiastic, well-meaning but misguided fluid resuscitation.

      H&R2020, as 2019 did, should generate some good talks in support of your efforts!

  2. ipswichultrasound

    Hi Philippe. Thank you, excellent short ‘how-to’ video. Please give my thanks to your volunteer patient also, we really appreciate such a good model.

  3. […] Video tutorial: Philippe demonstrating the exam on a live patient. […]

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