Bedside Ultrasound Clip Quiz #7: What is it? #FOAMed, #FOAMcc

Ok, so no history for you. Say you’re doing a general bedside ultrasound exam on someone in shock and you see this:

What am I looking at?  (HINT we’re in the RUQ)

What should I be thinking of?

Answers tomorrow.  Lets see what you guys come up with!


rubbadoc says:  What’s air doing there?

…and indeed he is right, it is air where there should not be. Now where is it exactly? (experts, refrain from answering…)

2 thoughts on “Bedside Ultrasound Clip Quiz #7: What is it? #FOAMed, #FOAMcc

  1. What’s air doing there?

  2. Hepatic veins? I’m no sono expert but some guidance would be very much appreciated. Cheers

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