POCUS & Venous Congestion: a #FOAMed Collaborative Chapter.


So given the importance of these topics, the number of questions and discussions we’ve had on the twitterverse, and most importantly in the spirit of #FOAMed, here is the chapter from the POCUS book which was co-authored by Rory Spiegel (@EMnerd), Korbin Haycock (@korbinhaycockmd) and myself.

Venous Congestion Chapter

We’re also in there introducing our VEXUS score, and if anyone wants to use/validate it clinically, please do!

Love to hear anyone’s thoughts!


PS we’ll all be at H&R2019 and running workshops on venous congestion:


The rest of the chapters are here on Amazon and the e-version here on iTunes!





One thought on “POCUS & Venous Congestion: a #FOAMed Collaborative Chapter.

  1. Thanks Philippe for this excellent work.

    I am just curious if it is possible for a collapsible IVC and PW findings suggestive of venous congestion to coexist, say, for example, if the congestion actually leads to increased IAP (perhaps not to the extent of intra-abdominal hypertension) or even 3rd spacing to form ascites in a leaky patient.

    My 2nd question is: does the physiological changes by pronation (e.g. variable change in transpulmonary pressure, slight “off loading” of the abdomen etc.) cause an observable change to the spectral findings? I often have this question in mind when I want to assess fluid status in a prone patient on whom doing an echo isn’t always possible.

    Thanks and I look forward to the amazon stock becoming available.

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