Canadian Society of Internal Medicine does Lung Ultrasound!



Happy to be hosting a satellite event for the CSIM Annual meeting taking place in Montreal.  As an internist, I’ve been long wanting to see my colleagues working on the wards integrate bedside ultrasound into their practice. After all, as an ICU guy, i try to catch the patients spiralling down. However, bedside ultrasound in the care of hospitalized patients should actually have a greater impact! Wait, I hope I’m not promoting myself out of a job here… Oh well it is for the patients’ benefit.

But it’s true, preventing deterioration is best done well…prior to the deterioration.

Anyhow, looks like we’re gonna have a pretty good day, focused on lung ultrasound:




The faculty – besides me – is excellent: Andre Denault and Georges Desjardins are pros at doing and teaching, and workshop instructors Ian Ajmo and Philippe St-Arnaud, intensivist colleagues from my shop’s team, are great too.

I’m hoping that the echo-naive participants leave fully convinced that practicing acute care without ultrasound is essentially unethical, given today’s accessibility to the technology.  I hope they can see that it out-does the most educated guesses we can muster, most of the time. Because that is what we do when held to the limitations of physical exam, even if DeGowin, Bates and Shapira were doing the physical exams themselves…





Lung Ultrasound Day for Internists 2015: ASMIQ/CCUS, Montreal, May 29th 2015.

In collaboration with the Quebec Association of Internal Medicine Specialists (ASMIQ), and featuring none other than Dr. Daniel Lichtenstein (the original pioneer of bedside ultrasound and the first to truly do and develop lung ultrasound), we’ve put together a really good day of lectures and workshops. As a bonus, my good friend Dr. Haney Mallemat (@criticalcarenow) will be giving us a hand with workshops and maybe even a special lecture! Take a look:

ASMIQ 2015 Lung US Program

This takes place in Montreal, at Santa Cabrini Hospital, and places are limited, so anyone interested should register promptly at

Do note that most lectures will be in french!




L’Échographie au chevet pour l’Interniste: ASMIQ/CCUS 2014, #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMus

Belle journée aujourd’hui à a deuxième collaboration éducative entre l’ASMIQ (Association des Spécialistes en Médecine Interne du Quebec) et le CCUS, lorsque une trentaine d’internistes ont approfondi leur habiletés échographiques.

Tel que promis, et dans l’esprit de #FOAMed, voici les présentations et videos:

Dr. Ian Ajmo nous fait une revue de l’évaluation de la volémie, en particulier l’échographie de la veine cave inférieure (VCI):

présentation PDF gestion-voleěmie – copie


Dr. Anne-Patricia Prévost révise l’échographie pulmonaire et cardiaque ciblée:

presentations PDF ASMIQ 2014 coeur ASMIQ 2014 poumons



Merci aussi à Dr. Simon Benoit et Dr. Nicolas Buissières qui ont fait un travail excellent dans les ateliers pratiques!