How do I assess abdominal pain with bedside ultrasound? #FOAMed, #FOAMus, #FOAMcc, #CCUS


Here’s a great lecture from CCUS 2014 starring my main man Haney @criticalcarenow Mallemat, where he tells us how he integrates bedside ultrasound in the assessment of the patient with abdominal pain.

And bonus, an intro by Vicki @nobleultrasound Noble.



Bedside Ultrasound Clip Quiz 2 – #FOAMed, #FOAMcc

64 yr old woman POD#3 Rt heimcolectomy with fever and abdominal pain.

Right costal longitudinal scan. What do you see?









A complex echogenic sliver of ascites over the liver…now what do you do? Here’s what I did…


…and it showed fecaloid material. Turned out to be anostomotic leak.  Didn’t have to push much for surgery.