Bedside Ultrasound in Cardiac Arrest: A Quick Overview, ISURA 2014. #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMus

Here’s a quick lecture I gave at Vincent Chan’s ISURA 2014 in Toronto.  It was a great event attracting anasthetists from all over the world, and it was an honor to work with Massimiliano Meineiri, Alberto Goffi, Adriaan Van Rensburg, Colin Royse and many more.

Unfortunately it was my first time using Prezi, which is pretty cool but doesnèt allow you to loop your videos, which really, really sucks!  So unfortunately the clips are very short…

Love to hear any comments!


2 thoughts on “Bedside Ultrasound in Cardiac Arrest: A Quick Overview, ISURA 2014. #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMus

  1. I attended this conference (which I enjoyed). I was not at your lecture as I was signed up for something else, but thank you for posting it. I did meet you in the small group setting at the TTE course associated with ISURA, which I immensely enjoyed. I thought all the instructors were superb! You mentioned to me at that course that you did not carry a stethoscope around any more, and I wanted to ask you which POCUS tool you were currently using, and whether there was a website where current handheld POCUS tools were reviewed. I am interested in perhaps purchasing a POCUS machine (portable, handheld) and was looking for recommendations from you or others. Thanks again, and keep up the enthusiasm,

    • Hi, thank you, much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed. I have a Vscan in my pocket for quick scans, and when a more thorough look is needed I have an Aloka Alpha 7 in the ICU, which is an awesome device. I don’t know of anywhere that really reviews devices, usually companies will be happy to bring you demos you can work with for a few days. I like my Vscan (first gen) and a new one just came out which is a bit better. It answers about 70% of the time, but in the ICU I wouldn’t want to “only” have that. Its most useful when I’m on the wards, ED, etc. The best thing about it is that it makes me do even more ultrasound. Yup, sometimes it seems I’m lazy to walk over and push in the big device. No excuse when its in your pocket.

      Keep on scanning!

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