H&R2019 Preliminary Programme!


So things are coming together really nicely. With a couple of attendees from last year becoming speakers, and the addition of some local talent, we’re back for another run. A bit bigger, yes, but not so big that the informal and inclusive atmosphere is lost. In order to really add some more in-depth, take-home skills, we have added the pre-congress courses (see here for more detail) which are truly awesome and will have participants leave with some very concrete and usable clinical skills.

Now there will be a few more additions to the programme, but this should give everyone a pretty good idea of what they are signing up for:

H&R2019 Preliminary Program

One of the things we are really striving to do is to tie things in together. For those of you who followed the posts on venous congestion, or on MAP and perfusion, everyone involved, Rory (@EMnerd), Josh (@Pulmcrit), Jon (@heart_lung), Segun (@iceman_ex), Korbin and the rest of us will be working to crystallize concepts and clinical applications in the huge grey zone that is acute resuscitation.  I am particularly interested in Felipe Teran’s (@FTeranMD) discussions on arrest physiology, because, as opposed to theory-based protocols and guidelines, guys like Felipe are using real-time physiology to guide resuscitation. As far as I’m concerned we all need to move towards this type of resuscitology as opposed to the blind recipe approach.

The workshops will be really cool. In the Castlefest-style, participants will be able to focus on the ones they really want to work on, or else give all of them a try. And there should be some pretty unique ones, such as portal and hepatic doppler, renovascular POCUS as well as a REBOA and ECMO workshops.

We should have registration up and running by november first. There is a 100 participant limit, so don’t wait too long, as we sold out last year!

Montrreal, May 22nd to 24th!

If you’ve got questions, please email hospresusconference@gmail.com or leave a comment!