H&R2020: The Hospitalist Course. #Hresus20

As with all continuing medical education events, this one will make you a better physician. But we know who you are: It’s 2am. Your pager is blowing up. You go to the floor with 3 simultaneously crashing patients. We’ve all been there. As a result, we’ve collectively designed this educational event to bring together an ultimate think-tank on how to improve your clinical management of all those things that make us scared at night, and even in the day… If it’s an organ that can fail, we’ve got you covered for a solid, easy, memorable approach to how to support it.

Mixed throughout the day will be cases to solidify your newly acquired clinical pearls & hands on stations with all the toys you need to stabilize your patients.

Hosted by The IBCC (Internet Book of Critical Care) co-creators Adam Thomas and Josh Farkas – also the man behind PulmCrit – this is going to be jam-packed with physiology, clinical pearls, interactive and case-based. If you take care of patients on the wards, this is one not to miss.

Co-directors: Adam Thomas & Josh Farkas.


Hypotension on the wards – Adam Thomas reviews the physiology of shock, the use of invasive & non-invasive monitoring, POCUS & “how your radiologist can help”, initial stabilization (hint, it is not just giving fluid), the hunt for & elimination of hypovolemic, cardiogenic, obstructive shock & distributive shock, as well reviewing the role of hormones and regulatory cytokines as well as how this can potentially be modulated.

Recognizing Illness at a Glance – in this interesting talk, Daniel Kaud shares his data-linkage and pattern recognition skills on common but important pathologies, to help clinicians develop rapid muscle memory and make elusive diagnoses.

Initial stabilization of respiratory failure – this can be one of the most harrowing and time-critical clinical scenarios facing the hospitalist, before the critical care team can take over or the patient can be transferred. Adam Thomas takes participants thru the identification of respiratory failure, the rule of 2s in type & treatment of respiratory failure and the right tools for the job on the wards.

Managing the Congestive Heart Failure Patient – here, Philippe Rola introduces a physiologic and POCUS-based approach to the management of the admitted CHF patient, particularly with the management of effusions and venous congestion.

Physiologic approach to Renal Failure – nephro-intensivist Sharad Patel drags the management of this common disease into this century and will share a rapid approach based on evidence, physiology and the efficiency that POCUS brings to bedside diagnosis and clinical decision-making.

The Biliary patient – whether neoplasia or lithiasis, these patients are often real puzzles. Echo? ERCP? MRCP? Drain? Stent? Fever? Jaundiced?  Let’s lay down a solid base for approaching these before calling for the GI SWAT team.

Cirrhosis for the Hospitalist – in this one, hepatologist Ahn Le reviews the most pertinent pearls related to the care of patients with cirrhosis, such as managing encephalopathy, ascites, coagulopathy and more.

ID pearls – microbiologist extraordinaire Silvana Trifiro runs us through some interesting cases to make sure we don’t overlook sometimes subtle symptoms and signs of unexpected infectious diseases.

Neuro pearls – Jeff Scott shares some interesting cases highlighting key elements of the examination and management of neurological emergencies.

Wound Management – microbiologist Marc Laroche sheds some light into what is for most of us a nebulous topic, and provides a thorough, but simple and practical approach to the dressings and management of the various wounds that hospitalists come across.

Lytes, a Pot-Pourri – Josh Farkas, inventor of the “Nephron Bomb,” brings his unique, hard-hitting physiological approach to electrolyte management.  This is the thinking doc’s approach, not a check-the-box one.

Clinical Cases – tying everything together, Sharad Patel, Adam Thomas, Silvana Trifiro and Josh Farkas will discuss several cases bringing together several of the key concepts and skills explored during the day.


  • Airway: sharpen your airway skills with BVM technique, intubation, and for the bold, emergency surgical airway! Never know when you’ll need it!
  • POCUS – assess the IVC and basic cardiac views for hemodynamics, assess kidneys and bladder as part of your AKI workup, assess lungs for B lines and effusions. These abilities are sine qua non for acute care at any level.
  • Non-invasive Ventilation – learn how to setup and check high-flow nasal nasal cannulae, cPAP and BiPAP for your hypoxic patients.
  • Pleural pigtail catheters – a simple, but important skill that should be in the skill set of all hospitalists.
  • …and more on request!

We reserve the right to make the programme even more awesome by adding to or modifying the above, and promise you’ll come out of this one with a few extra notches on your belt!

But wait…only 30 spots. So don’t wait till the last minute!

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Hope to see you there!

…and of course, if you stumbled on this, do make sure to check out the main event, H&R2020!

Adam, Josh, Philippe & The H&R2020 Team.

The Hospitalist POCUS Course Participant Info.


So here is a little intro for those taking part in the course, or for those considering, though I don’t think there are many spots left.


The Hospitalist POCUS Course

Participants should receive course e-notes in the week prior, if you do not, please email hospresusconference@gmail.com to let the team know.

If you are thinking of registering the link is here.

cheers and see you there!



H&R2019! Final Programme. Register Now! Montreal, May 22-24, 2019! #HR2019

This event is past. It was awesome. If you really wish you’d been there, you can catch most of it here!

And don’t miss H&R2020!

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Registration is open and we have said goodbye to the snail mail process. Fortunately, we are a lot more cutting edge in medicine than in non-medical technology.

We are really excited about this programme, and a lot of it comes from the energy and passion coming from the faculty, who are all really passionate about every topic we have come up with.

The hidden gem in this conference is the 4 x 40 minutes of meet the faculty time that is open to all. Personally I’ve always felt that I learn so much from the 5 minute discussions with these really awesome thinkers and innovators, so wanted to make it a priority that every participant should get to come up to someone and say ‘hey, I had this case, what would you have done?’   Don’t miss it!

CME Accreditation for 14 hours of Category 1.

This programme has benefitted from an unrestricted educational grant from the following sponsors (listed alphabetically):


Fisher-Paykel Healthcare

GE Healthcare




MD Management





The Accreditation is as follows:


Here is the Final Programme:

Final Programme

Wednesday May 22 – PreCongress course

  1. Full day Resuscitative TEE course



    2. Full day Keynotable

    3. Half day Hospitalist POCUS (PM)

    4. Half day Critical Care Procedures (AM)

    5. Half day Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for MDs (AM)

for more details on these pre-conference courses please see here.


Main Conference Programme: H&R2019 Full Pamphlet

Social Events:

Thursday May 23rd Meet the Faculty cocktail! 1900 – Location TBA – BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!


Register here!



H&R2019. A bit Bigger. A LOT Better! #HR2019

First of all thanks to all of last April’s participants and faculty who made this an awesome event. For those of you who missed the inaugural event, no worries, this edition will be even better. Building on the feedback, we’re cooking up a really nice little program that will keep H&R small, packed with clinically useful talks and both cutting and bleeding edge lectures (don’t expect guideline rehash!), and even more faculty interaction.

We will have some parallel tracks to make sure the ED people get some more ER-specific stuff, that the CC people get some esoteric tweaks about obscure ICU topics, and the hospitalists and pick and choose.

We’ve added a pre-conference course day packed with great stuff. The real problem will be choosing:

Felipe Teran (@FTeranMD) brings us a full day, resuscitative TEE workshop including basic certification – first time in Canada!

For educators and anyone wanting to up their presentation game, my good friend Haney Mallemat (@CriticalCareNow) brings his unique Keynotable workshop. If you’ve ever heard Haney talk, you know he is the leader of the pack when it comes to delivery, so not-to-miss opportunity to learn form the master.

Hospitalist POCUS? Check. Hospitalist procedures? Check. Percutaneous tracheostomy and emergency surgical airway? Check. Advanced POCUS like renovascular and transcranial doppler? Check. And a lot more…

Basic info:

May 22nd – pre-conference courses

May 23rd – The Hospitalist

May 24th – The Resuscitationist

Preliminary programme available October 1st here.


So mark your calendars. Bring the fam, check out Montreal, and pack in a bunch of solid, ready-to-use clinical knowledge but also some paradigm-shifting approaches and viewpoints!